Bi Fold Doors

The Benefit of Bi Fold Doors…

The benefits of Bi Folds doors are obvious in most cases, but here are some benefits you might not have thought of:

Low Maintenance

Like most other windows and glass doors, they require cleaning regularly with detergent to ensure they stay looking spotless. But because they are not made up of multiple panes and sections like more traditional windows, they are generally easier to clean.


A greater level of security is offered with bi-fold doors due to multi-point locking systems, internally beaded frames and high-security hinges, whereas other types of glass door tend to have just one locking point.


Bi-fold doors allows you to open them to any width within the frame and you can customise where the individual leaves split.

Take Up Little Space

Unlike patio doors, which must slide behind another window or door, bi-fold doors collapse back on themselves offering the benefit of opening up your wall completely. Meaning they take up less valuable space and allow a greater feeling of openness.

They Look Great!

Bi-fold doors create a modern look to your home, both inside and outside. There is a whole range of styles and colour to choose from to get the look you want.

Outside Living… Inside…

With bi-fold doors you don’t need to actually be outside to get that sense of being in your garden. Unlike normal patio doors they open completely, opening up the whole side of a room to merge that room with the outdoor space.